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I love writing music for picture, becoming deeply involved in the emotion and character of a story and helping to transform it by the alchemy of sight and sound.

At Mountain Vision Studio, I compose, orchestrate, perform, and record my music using a Yamaha grand piano and the finest orchestral and instrument libraries.

In the spring of 2023 I was fortunate to be introduced to Niki Koss of K Factor Films in Los Angeles. Niki was working on directing and producing a documentary about five teens living in cities around California who were homeschooled and preparing for their prom. She offered me the composer spot and off we went!

The world premiere of Homeschooled was at the Northwest Film Forum’s Children’s Film Festival Seattle on February 9, 2024, and it continues to tour the festival circuit.

Here’s a selection of the cues I composed for the film:

Joseph Gold Music - Mountain Vision Studio

“I absolutely loved working with Joe on my feature documentary, Homeschooled. That project is so near and dear to my heart, and it meant the world to me to find a composer with as much compassion and depth as our subjects. We're looking forward to working with him again in the future!”

—Niki Koss, K Factor Films

Homeschooled: a mother's lamentation

As I listened to Rae quietly talking about her daughter's struggles with bullying  and being marginalized at public school, the pain and sadness were so palpable and heartbreaking that I began to play without thinking. This cue arose de novo and remained untouched and pure as her love for Cheyanne.

Copyright ©2023, Joseph Gold / Mountain Vision Studio. All rights reserved.

Homeschooled: Seamuss cry for help

This scene was a dark and painful journey detailing events following Seamus's attempted suicide by shooting himself in the chest. Seamus and his mother Carrie's matter of fact and somewhat detached narrative barely concealed a deep chasm of desperation and hopelessness that led him to try taking his own life.

In this first version, I wanted the viewer to feel as if swimming in an ocean of sorrow and redemption as they spoke.

The final version was written at Niki's request to pare everything down to a minimum to support the dialogue. I wrote a simple, child-like melody for prepared piano as a backdrop to hold the grief, pain, and love.

Copyright ©2023, Joseph Gold / Mountain Vision Studio. All rights reserved.

Homeschooled: Trying on prom dresses

How fun and exciting is it to be trying on designer prom dresses  — fitted by your own personal dressmaker — with your best friends chiming in on which is best? It's glitzy, glamorous, and makes you wanna dance! I loved channeling memories of my own two daughters when they were teenagers.

Copyright ©2023, Joseph Gold / Mountain Vision Studio. All rights reserved.

“Joe Gold has captured the American cinematic idiom in his music — its elegance, freshness and breadth — continuing the legacy of Leonard Rosenman, Bernard Herrmann and the best Hollywood composers.”

—Yehuda Hanani  American-Israeli cellist

Yehuda Hanani

“[Joe Gold’s music is] creative and intuitive, full of emotion and
unexpected surprises with memorable melodies that stick with you for days.”

—Phil Sheeran  composer, orchestrator, musician, instructor

Berklee College of Music

Phill Sheeran


As a composer and arranger I write music in a wide spectrum of styles and genres. I compose for solo piano, orchestras (large and small), and mixed instrument ensembles using ensembles of world and orchestral instruments. I perform these compositions on the piano, a wide array of synthesizers, and other instruments.

I graduated from the Berklee College of Music in Boston with a certificate in Composing and Orchestrating for Film and Television. 

I am available to work on client projects from my studio near Great Barrington (MA) and can accommodate most time contraints and budgets. All work is delivered online via my own secure website ( 

I was a participant with Chick Corea in his first Keyboard Workshop; I also studied jazz improvisation with Gary Burton. I have extensive training in both classical and jazz piano styles, performing with the Barrington Jazz Quartet and more recently with the 'Release the Penguins' Jazz Quartet. Some of my compositions and performances were for the Mahaiwe Theatre, the Starving Artist Cafe and the Olga Dunn Dance Company; I also performed jazz, blues and gospel genres as a trombonist in wind and brass ensembles, the Berkshire Symphony Orchestra, and the Williamstown Theatre Festival.

My work for not-for-profits includes music for the Fairview Hospital annual Gala, the Berkshire Baby Box, providing safe sleep support for newborns, and Volunteers in Medicine, providing health care to low-income and under-insured Berkshire residents.

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Joe Gold

“Joe Gold writes engaging music filled with catchy melodies and evocative harmonies. He can communicate a wide range of emotions within his compositions, as well as deliver professional recordings.”

—Ben Newhouse, Composer and Music Composition Professor, Berklee College of Music

Ben Newhouse
Joseph Gold Music - Mountain Vision Studio


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“Joseph Gold has written some sensitive and effective music. He has a mature dramatic sense, and is able to add a wide variety of suitable emotional color to a film. You will enjoy what you hear.”

—Jack Freeman, Film Scoring Department, Berklee College of Music

Jack Freeman


Please respect my copyright for my music, and contact me for ways to easily license it if it will be used for anything other than personal enjoyment or evaluation.

All music is composed, arranged, orchestrated, performed and recorded by Joseph Gold Music and Mountain Vision Studio. Unauthorized duplication, re-recording, sharing, or any other use of the audio and music files other than for personal enjoyment or evaluation is a violation of copyright laws.